I told you so. Long before today.

I told you so. Long before today.

Before Day One of the Obama administration, I knew exactly who he was and I can prove it.

Who’s Your President?

I told you all this. I told you the truth. I’m not looking for recognition. But if you realize that I knew, absolutely, long before he did what he’s done to us, you might want to consider sending this book to all your friends and relatives. Elections are coming. In November and 2016.

Indictment: An Obama Diary.

It’s just 300 pages of dead accurate analysis and predictions. (Except for the Romney will win part at the end. Wishful thinking. Who knew the greatest nation on earth would reelect a guy determined to destroy the whole country?) The analysis of the Obama campaign in 2008 and the horrifying first term is the best and funniest anyone wrote. People need to read it right now.

Most of you know more about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram than I do. Truthfully, I know nothing about any of them.

I saw everything important about this guy. My experience has been over the years that my readers regard me as a private possession, a secret vice, a guilty pleasure not to be shared. It was much the same in my business career; for multiple Fortune 100 executives, I was a carefully hidden asset never to be spoken of. Used to this odd affect of my persona. But I’m asking you to get over it. Get evangelistic. Send this book to the people who need it. You know who they are. It was right then, it’s right now, and maybe this is is something you can actually do.

I’ll never see a dime out of it. So don’t think I’m making a money pitch. (Do I ever do fund drives like other bloggers? No. This would be the right time to make up for all my failures to ask for money I need and don’t have.)

Just get off your silent dead ass and do SOMETHING to forestall the impending Dark Age. If you can’t talk to me, buy a book and send it to somebody who needs to hear what I have to say.

Or just sit on your dead ass and say screw it all. Which I’m perilously close to doing myself. It’s easier than what I’ve been doing.

Grazie amicos.

Grazie amicos.

Well, I’ll be back. Always am. But I’m too poor to send the book around myself. The only reason I’m asking. Alternatively, you could send me money. But I don’t know how to do the Internet things necessary to suck it out of your pockets. No wonder I’m poor. But incredibly happy. Except for how everything pretty much sucks in the whole world.

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    Consider it done. Amazing forecast.



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