Boots on the Ground!

Boy, am I sick of this phrase. If they’ll just stop talking about it on the networks, cable, newspapers, and Internet, I promise I’ll deliver the solution. Which looks a lot like this:

Open Mombasa bay doors...

Open bomb bay doors…

Get all footgear ready!

Get all footgear ready!

And put those fucking boots on the ground!

And put those fucking boots on the ground! That’ll show’em.

It’s not like we’re talking about human beings here. Or U.S. Troops, meaning the greatest fighting force the world has ever known. Just boots. Boots.

Listen to the lyrics. Not kidding. Best critique of the Obama administration and his foreign policy I’ve heard.

English used to be the most eloquent language created by the mind of man. Why have we allowed it to become an empty joke?

  1. Alfa’s avatar

    What a great post. I’m sick of hearing this too. Let the boots fall.


  2. Ron’s avatar

    HaHA! Absolutely. Air superiority beats boots on the ground any day.

    Given your background in corporate communication, you know way more than I do about corporate wankspeak. So I bet you can laugh along with Weird Al when he mocks it here:

    And then Weird Al cozies up to my inner grammar nazi here:


  3. Ron’s avatar

    WTF is the problem with my linkage?? I KNOW HTML DAMMIT!

    Again: Weird Al on corp wankspeak:

    Weird Al on grammar:


    1. Instapunk’s avatar

      Beautiful. These links will get their own post. Partly because they’re great and partly because I’m tired of computer algorithms pretending they know more about diction and spelling than I do.

      THANK YOU!



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