MY Theme Song

Yeah, I’ve been sandbagging. Here’s my all time theme song. Always and forever.

I am still Instapunk.

  1. Alfa’s avatar

    What the heck? After years of attending all those Stones concerts and using their music on your blogs, we get Guns N Roses?


    P.S. I like the Stones better.


    1. Instapunk’s avatar

      Throwing you a curve. Or maybe a wicked slider. Love Slash. But maybe I need to cross up the expectations of the complacent.


    2. Peregrine John’s avatar

      I love Slash, too, which drives my guitar-playing friends nuts. Just can’t get snobby enough to pretend otherwise, though there are no shortage of others I very much enjoy listening to. Knew a lady who met him at an event of some kind, and he was charmingly startled to find a petite woman of a Certain Age was playing his stuff on Rock Band and learning her way through the expert level – which I take to be essentially playing all the notes in the original recording.

      Anyway, good song choice no matter who performs it. I should find a way to.



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