Finally! My Review of ‘Outnumbered’

Smart ladies are much in demand.

Smart ladies are much in demand.

I know I did a first impression kind of post, but now that I know more about what the show is trying to do, I think I’m ready to weigh in more weightily.

Today’s lineup features Sandra Brown, Harris Faulkner, Andrea Tantaros, and former MTV VJ Kennedy. And some token guy.

Starting from the left, what is Sandra Brown wearing? A red tent? She has really nice breasts but you can barely see them. Her legs are good, though, and her skirt is short. My wife adds, “Very.”

Harris Faulkner has great legs too, but her eyebrows have grown into a major distraction. My wife agrees that she long ago plucked them out of existence and now they’re merely drawn on, an arch imitation of what might once have been attraction.

Andrea Tantaros has the best breasts obviously — meaning big and round — and good legs too. Her hair needs work, though, and she talks too much. Maybe way too much.

Kennedy is not ready for Fox News prime time. Those monster glasses may have been cute on MTV (they weren’t), but now they make her look like she wishes she were an NBA hipster. Fail. And those legs! White whales. Has she ever heard of pantyhose? A nice nude color would become her at least a little. She talks fast. Which is better than too much. Although she does that too.

Where is Kirsten Powers? She always looks great. I don’t think this show is going to make it in the long run without Kirsten Powers. Sorry. I’d put in a glamor shot of Kirsten, but then you’d all say I was being sexist, which I’m definitely not being.

Also, I’m having flashes about IQ today for some reason. Anybody I can see, I know. The women across the board have the same IQ, 120. Except for Kennedy, who’s 140. But with those raw white legs, she comes across as a lowly 110. She should show her breasts more, I think. I don’t know about the guy. Didn’t really see him.


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