Theme Songs

My own candidate would have been Tina’s ‘Simply the Best.’

Mrs. IP started this by announcing that the above was her theme song. I confessed I didn’t have one and solicited yours.

So far, two strong women have volunteered theirs.


She’s always been a live wire. Emphasis on live.

And Rita.

Perfect. Don’t ever get in her way when she’s defending what she believes in, whether it’s a sports team or a child. Force of nature.

They know who they are and aren’t afraid to say it. People I admire.

But there’s hope for the rest of us too. Except maybe me. For example, this was my theme song yesterday.

Scotland forever! (Yeah, they’re officially Aussie, but they were born in Glasgow.) Congrats to the crazies for making the right decision.

Today it’s completely different.

I know. The Beatles. I know. But he made it a Sinatra song. And it’s one I want to hear a lot today. Feels right.

You don’t have to pick one song that represents your whole life. You can be callow and capricious. What’s your theme song today? Less pressure, more fun.

CHECKING IN. Tim has a theme song. Youtube doesn’t have his favorite version, but here’s one I like.

He also has a theme song for me. If only I could understand the lyrics. (Oh.)

Have to think about this. But keep your theme songs coming.

  1. Tim’s avatar

    Here’s what I’ve come up with. My theme song is Clare to Here. My personal favorite version is not on Youtube, but it’s one of those obligatory Irish songs you have to do if you consider yourself an Irish musician, so there are lots of versions out there.

    My suggestion for your theme song, RL, is this particular version of this song:

    And happy Friday, everybody.


  2. Alfa’s avatar

    These are all great songs. Let’s have more please folks.

    Always interesting how certain music can represent us.


  3. Mrs. IP’s avatar

    Thank you honey. Such a gorgeous song done as only Frank could.


  4. Peregrine John’s avatar

    I’ve not been ignoring this, but trying to figure out a really good answer. My old joke is that California Girls is my theme song. During the inevitable disappointment of election cycles it’s Don’t Get Fooled Again. In a good mood it’s sometimes Higher Power.

    Today, I go with Water.


    1. Instapunk’s avatar

      I’ll look them up and post. Been busy today or I’d have done it already.


      1. Peregrine John’s avatar

        Eh, I only did the one that seemed best for yesterday. The other options, for the amusement:
        California Girls (Not Katy Perry’s, obviously. When it plays in my head it’s most often David Lee Roth’s exuberant version.)
        Won’t Get Fooled Again (Maybe the most intelligent political song ever to make it really big.)
        Higher Power (Conversely, don’t get too far into the weeds with these lyrics. It’s just happy rock, no coherent theology.)



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