My wife has a theme song. Do you?

We got to listening the other night to a bunch of songs, and I picked out one that made her light up.

It’s funny, I said when it started playing. Bob Seger was called the Springsteen of the Midwest. I always preferred him to Springsteen, and I’m from Jersey.

“This has always been my theme song,” she said.

I could instantly see it, or more properly, hear it. She’s always been the anchor of everyone around her, the one they depend on not to get blown around by the winds of fashion or fate. She is always Boudica.

Then I felt envious. I don’t have a theme song. She blew it off. It’s okay, she said. Not everyone does. Maybe they didn’t write it yet. Maybe it changes from day to day. Don’t fret.

But I do. Who out there has a theme song? The one that makes you stand up straight and say I am I and I am proud to be who and what I am.

Tell me. Everyone who has one will see it posted here. And if you have one for me I’ll at least consider it, unless it makes me stand up straight.

Just a fun task.

Mrs. Instapunk is retiring for the second time on Friday. Looks like it won’t be the last time, either. She keeps going. She’s still the same.

So honor this however temporary milestone by participating in our little game. I’d like to post some songs. For my girl.

  1. Edna’s avatar

    Not that I am a guy, I’m just a female that was/am doing some crazy things.

    Billy Joel – You May Be Right


  2. Instapunk’s avatar

    Love it. Just waiting, ideally, for Barbara or at least one other to post the Youtubes. Thanks.


  3. Rita’s avatar

    Mine? Hmm
    Closer to Fine — Indigo Girls


  4. Winston Sith’s avatar

    I’m not sure what my theme song would be, at the moment, but it must me less depressing than my top 100 songs.

    I’ll think about it…



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