The Boy is Sure: Brizoni wins.

I'm right, I'm right, I'm right, Goddammit.

I’m right, I’m right, I’m right, Goddammit.

So. Brizoni is finally ready.

I haven’t dismissed these arguments. I’ve dismantled them. [Yeah. I saw the movie. Shutter Island. Lots of dismantling there.]

I’ve been plugging away at yet another dismantling of everything you said in your last email, point-by-point. Marshalling evidence, refining arguments. Don’t want you to think I’ve ignored anything. Gonna be massive. Mozart, Michelangelo, Dante, Bacon and Magellan [uh, where is it, big boy, this massive evidence, any sign whatever that you know more about Mozart, Michelangelo, Dante, Bacon and Magellan than I do? SPOILER: Not here. He brings not only no massive evidence but no evidence whatsoever. He just attacks me.] But I keep getting hung up on this:

“I like to hear you say,

In my view, Ayn Rand has done this successfully.’ Yes, in your view she has. In my view, she hasn’t. Would John Galt have done anything to stop the Holocaust or the Killing Fields? It doesn’t actually come up in Atlas Shrugged, does it? Rather, there’s a sense of letting the dumb-ass victims be dumb-ass victims while us smart ones run away to the Colorado Hole in the Wall Butch and Sundance were aiming for.

What you have can’t be called a “view.” It’s a mostly uninformed opinion. [As opposed to your own uninformed opinion.] I know you think you Get It, no sweat, because that’s what Robert Laird does. Not this time. You read Atlas once in high school, didn’t understand it***, retained less of it as the years wore on, and now have a bad picture of her philosophy sketched from too few facts. Add those facts together and you maybe have half a clue, at most. [No facts whatever in Atlas Shrugged. It’s pure ideology.]

Since you don’t know what you’re talking about, you inevitably attack straw men. [Atlas is completely about straw men, not my response to it.] The theme of Atlas is, to cop the lexicon, the role of man’s mind in human life. Which it dramatizes by showing how quickly, and how totally, human life falls apart when the mind withdraws. [Hardly. The book is a cartoon, starring Dagny, the curious winner who keeps losing… and talking.] The book is demonstrative, not prescriptive. If Rand had thought Galt’s Gulch was the way to go in real life, she would have gone there. [uh, Dagny went there.] She could have built the place with her own money if it came to that — she died with a couple million bucks stuffed in a Savings and Loan across from her apartment. [I thought Ethan Frome was a good capitalist parable too, all that gold stuffed under his mattress.] It could have been many times that if she’d ever cared to make any investments whatever. She never did. [Everything under the mattress is the Russian way.] All she wanted was the freedom to write. The rest was gravy. She didn’t flee to a secret paradise and watch the world of fools burn. She thought the world was worth trying to save. Can you say the same? [Really, you callow clown? You dare ask that of me?]

I thought about linking to a debate that answers many of your entry-level objections. You should at least know what you’re rejecting before you reject it. [I’m well aware of everything I’m rejecting. I’m a fucking polymath and a genius. You’re a lowly rote-Randian with pretensions.]

I’m not sure I should bother. I worry you flat-out, full-stop, don’t care to think any further. That you’ve reached a comfortable stopping point. [Acute observation. Ask anyone. They’ll all swear I’m quitting hope tomorrow. Or the next day.] You’ve had your fill, thanks so much, and what kind of monster am I to force more down your gullet. Fact? Proof? No such thing as either, if you squint hard enough. Maybe the universe began ten seconds ago, with history intact. Yooooooooou can’t “”””prove”””” it didn’t, can you? Pigeon strut. And a sigh of relief that God is safe and sound behind the veil of unreasonable doubt. [What worm has eaten your brain? What have you ever proved? Name any one thing you’ve proved. Except your own idiocy? If I squint hard enough, I can see a fool blowing up his own life in a narcissist fantasy.]

Why you think the Byzantines had the right idea. [???!!!] Stagnation is fine as long as you’re content. Who needs Mozart when you’ve got your grandfather’s hymnal? Who needs Michelangeo when you’re surrounded by all these perfectly fine frescoes? Who needs Dante when you can just read Matthew 24 again? Who needs Bacon at all — never mind that medicine has had no new ideas for five hundred years. [???!!!] Who needs Magellan when everything’s awesome right here? [You’re insane. Utterly. I told you more about these people than you ever knew before.] Spend your days like a soft white belly, basking in the sun. What a lovely retirement for a worn-out old man. Peace without life. [You think what you’re doing is life? lol. When it comes to minds, you’re the soft white belly. The jelly of not quite knowing much topped by the deathly flesh of not believing in anything but the screeds of an ancient Brit homosexual.]

Hell with it. Here’s the link. You’ll skim it for an excuse to ignore it. If even that. Religious freedom means the the [sic] freedom to lie to yourself about whatever you want. Without so much as being called out on it. Facts be damned. [So keep on lying to yourself, dude. Don’t let me stop you. I’m just twice your age and twice your IQ. No prob.]

Go on. Prove me right yet again. [Yet again? You’ve never proven a single damned thing.] My expectations are as low as a casket.

In which it is proved once and for all that the once vaunted Brizoni is now an incoherent meth-head. When he comes to his senses, he can call me. But he’s not now in my league. Never will be. But not many are. Sorry. I’m in a mood. Not a mood for pretending.

That would be the notorious pigeon strut. Which I do every day. Notwithstanding being a worn-out old man.

***”Didn’t understand it.” Where does such arrogance come from? I understood it fine. Loved it. I was fourteen. Brizoni is now twice that age and more. He’s still mentally fourteen. Sorry, folks, I’m tired. Shouldn’t have reopened this can of worms. I apologize. He really is a moron. Past help.

P.S. I’m all done pretending now. Brizoni is a junkie. Anyone reading this who knows him get him some help. He would never have written or argued this poorly without being in serious trouble mentally. Mother? Wife? Anyone who follows his Internet exploits. Get him some help.

P.P.S. Just saw the ‘smoking gun’ of Brizoni’s rant. Should have detected it before. My error. Highlighting mine.

I’m not sure I should bother. I worry you flat-out, full-stop, don’t care to think any further. That you’ve reached a comfortable stopping point.

“Full-stop”is a Britishism, their affectation about avoiding the use of the simple grammatical element known as the “period.” Probably related to their aversion to all things female, which is so pervasive that they use the words “twat” and “cunt” exclusively as insults to men. They’re too afraid to use them on women, except under the most extreme circumstances.

At any rate, this usage by a boy from the Pacific Northwest is proof positive that he has been reading the tweets and other spontaneous Internet defecations of Richard Dawkins. But here’s the interesting thing. Being the butt slave of both Ayn Rand and Richard Dawkins has to be a rending experience. No chance that Dawkins would regard Rand as anything but a capitalist twat. No chance Rand would regard Dawkins as anything but a pansy Brit cunt.

Gotta be tough on poor Brizoni.

Gotta be tough on poor Brizoni.

Rather than deal with the polar opposites in his own religion, he chooses the much easier alternative of attacking me and mine. Sad.

But also funny. Time to man up, rent boy.

  1. Ron’s avatar

    He doesn’t get it. Mozart, Michelangelo, Dante, Bacon and Magellan were products of Christianity. As is Brizoni. The whole notion that an individual has any value of any kind is entirely a Jewish (and subsequently Christian) idea. In Asia, where Christianity has been a non-entity for almost all of history, the individual has no value beyond what the group (or whatever butcher has the largest army) deems him to have. It’s why collectivism works so well there. Without a God, there is *no* calculus that can objectively establish the value of an individual. Even their religions insist that the individual doesn’t really exist.

    Christianity is the only reason Brizoni even cares about the things he does. It’s in his DNA, in the air he breathes, though he apparently can’t see it. Brizoni thinks we don’t need the sun since everything still stays perfectly warm at night, thankyouverymuch.

    Why is it so important to him that you submit? That you acknowledge defeat under the blade of his greater perception? My theory is that it’s because you yourself are an incarnation of this contradiction. You loom so large in his world, and yet you ground your basis on that which he is desperate to eliminate. If he is right, you have always been a deluded fool, unable to truly understand the parts of your own work he finds valuable. He doesn’t understand that if you were to recant, it would unwind everything that brought you both to the point of your recantation in the first place. He wants to sacrifice you in order to save your ideas which have inspired him. Actually, he wants you to sacrifice yourself (on his altar, of course). But for you to do so would be to nullify the very ideas you would ostensibly be saving. He doesn’t see this, and so in his hubris must conclude that it is *you* who do not understand your work as well as *he*.

    Of course, you know what happens when people won’t sacrifice themselves for the good of the movement…


    1. Instapunk’s avatar

      Think I already said your first two paragraphs. Half a dozen times. But thanks for repeating them.

      The rest of it is scary but probably true. I have that effect on maniacal Narcissists.


    2. Ron’s avatar

      Oh, and if Dr. B really wanted to learn how wrong he was about the “stagnation” of Byzantium, he could start here. But I bet he won’t.


    3. Instapunk’s avatar

      Brizoni. Look at yourself. You’re a jangling maniac.

      Haven’t dealt with a single argument I made. I’ve always known more about Mozart, Michelangelo, Dante, Bacon and Magellan than you ever did. You’re a junkie.

      You just rev and rev and rev higher. You’re a junkie.

      Nothing here to make anyone take you seriously. You have nothing whatever to say about any matter of religion or philosophy. You’re just a fucked up idiot. What’s more important is the threat you pose to any woman you’re involved with. Junkies always wind up hurting women. Don’t do it.

      Do you hate her that much? Do yourselves both a favor. Go somewhere else. Restart your life. Don’t hurt her. Don’t hurt yourself.

      Admit the first thing a man in your straits can admit. You’re a hysterical, possibly violent asshole. And a junkie. GET OUT OF TOWN before you do somebody some harm.



    4. Ron’s avatar

      The book is demonstrative, not prescriptive.

      I don’t buy that. The book is a sermon. Think like John Galt. Be like John Galt. And the last thing John Galt would ever do is sacrifice himself for another. He’ll let civilization burn rather than actually *stop* the powerful looters.

      The book is full of bizarre cardboard characters. Really? All these incredibly brilliant, wealthy, resourceful individuals get outmaneuvered by uncreative, idiot looters? In real life, the incredibly brilliant, wealthy, resourceful individuals *buy* the uncreative, idiot looters and get them to pass laws that benefit the brilliant, wealthy, resourceful individuals. In real life, brilliant, wealthy, resourceful individuals are every bit as likely to exploit others for their own ends as much as uncreative, idiot looters are. This is the human condition. It is evolution in action. If you don’t like it, you have to explain why exactly things should be any different. And you can’t get there from “nature”. RandGalt’s philosophy can’t save a society. Hell, it didn’t even keep her little cult together very well. Once people start sleeping with other people you don’t want them to sleep with, relationships get strained…

      Meanwhile, in a great irony, the bright ones who’ve managed to chuck God also seem to be leftist — collectivism and all — and the tribes that talk about smaller government and individual freedom more likely than not are also religious. Non-religious societies are overwhelmingly collectivist societies.

      One wonders if Rand would be getting much airplay at all these days if it weren’t for religious Tea-Party types citing “Atlas Shrugged”. LOL. Where are all the atheist Objectivists? Yes, Brizoni, put your hand down. Anyone else? Bueller?


      1. Tim’s avatar

        Brizoni was asked, years ago, how successful he’s been at converting the hoary hosts of leftist atheists to Brizonism (which is what it is, seeing as how he’s stated he’s the one who knows the particular places Ayn Rand was wrong). He never answered. He was also asked what percentage of his time he spends debating with leftist atheists compared to how much he has spent insulting RL and other Christian readers here. He never answered.

        The reason those questions were asked is, according to him, Christians are all idiots while atheism is a virtue. Therefore, it should be child’s play for someone of his intellectual caliber to get all these neo-commie atheists, who must be very smart and fully rational people, to believe in capitalism versus socialism. You know: believers in Christ are all self-delusional and refuse to see the truth of Ayn Rand, but what excuse do the users at a site like r/atheism have? Isn’t their sin greater?

        And of course, the worse things have gotten in the world over the past several years, the more insane and maniacal he has become about attacking Robert and Christianity. Because obviously, that’s the biggest obstacle to the free market and world peace. The charge that Robert did not understand Atlas Shrugged is a new low. Few novels are more on-the-nose than that one. Not to mention the Grand Brizone’s complete lack of self-awareness since he himself obviously never understood the Boomer Bible (to say nothing of the real Bible).


      2. Instapunk’s avatar

        Remarkable how few direct questions he ever does answer.

        Thanks for pointing it out.



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