Western Suicide

Just posted a picture of Christians being crucified. Join that to this pic, snapped in front of 10 Downing Street in the U.K., meaning, uh, the prime minister’s residence. The Breitbart reporters covering the event were rounded up by the bobbies and ferried to the railroad station with orders to get out of town.

Right. Hitler. Cool?

Right. Hitler. Cool?

It’s not just about Hamas, or Hizbollah, or Al Qaeda, or ISIS. This isn’t principally or even slightly about Palestinians. Nobody but European and American lefties care about them at all. It’s about a rapidly metastasizing caliphate state, ruthless, murderous, well financed, and almost unbelievably malevolent. Signing on belatedly to support Israel is not the end of our obligation. Many, many, many more Christians have been murdered in the past couple of years than Jews. (And how many women of all faiths have had their genitals mutilated or daughters stoned to death in the name of Allah?) Why does nobody in the so-called Christian world care? Is everybody crazy?

Turns out one of the most potent fifth columns supporting Islamist objectives is in the U.K. Why? Because this ancestor of the U.S. has entirely forgotten its own roots and is now a quasi Third World nation plummeting toward self-extinction.

The Church of England annihilated its own theology and is now a moral relativist nightmare celebrating the state over humanity — thanks, Dawkins! — and sharia over the tradition of English law. Here’s a taste of what I mean. If the Brits were a U.S. state, they’d rank below every single state but Mississippi. They’re exhausted, hopeless, indolent, and deranged. The triumph of technocratic rationalism over individual conscience. Which is, somehow, suddenly, irrelevant. Doom awaits.

[How outrageous contradictions become nearly invisible. Dawkins is moral because his atheist rationalism makes him objectively right. Never mind that there is no basis for morality of any kind if you don’t believe in the possibility of something beyond and better than the human propensity for sin, error, and crime. Empty the churches. Do what you feel like doing. You might as well kill everyone who gets in your way as long as you can get away with it. And declare, as a matter of the new anti-faith, that all religions are the same religion, all equally corrupt and deluded. Two Islamists minus two Christians equals zero. That’s atheist arithmetic. Obviously completely right. Unless that equation actually results in a massive negative sum.]

Unfortunately, the same is true, more or less, of France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Scandinavia, and the rest of the EU. People who refuse to reproduce and are willing to trade away their civilization for peace with barbarians in Russia and the Middle East.

Imagine every great culture in the west putting a gun to its head and pulling the trigger. Same thing is happening here with the current administration. Death before honor or simple virtue.

Why we get crucifixions and nobody seems to care.

If you consent to appease barbarians, what will you get? More barbarians. And more horrifically mutilated dead bodies.

Are you content with that outcome? Or is it okay if your neighborhood seems calm for the time being? Decide. There are times when you must.

  1. Alfa’s avatar

    Just sickening and terrifying.


  2. Tim’s avatar

    Something I’ve noticed watching BBC programmes. You know how they go to extraordinary lengths to include black people in their shows? Muslims are conspicuously absent. Especially ones like the gents in the picture above. Maybe it’ll go on like that until one day, Dr. Who wakes up and converts to Islam, then throws a burka on his latest female companion. Looking forward to it.

    No danger so great we can’t ignore it…


  3. Instapunk’s avatar

    Exception. They like Muslim actors fine on the show MI5. Which is about preventing domestic terrorism. But it’s not really Muslims’ fault, right?


    1. Tim’s avatar

      Right. Just like the last season of “24” I bothered watching, however many years ago that was. The boogeyman was a war-mongering Halliburton stand-in and Jack Bauer couldn’t have saved the day w/out the help of a friendly neighborhood imam. IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY.



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