Jarring Juxtapositions

What I watched last night till thunderstorms knocked out the electric. The Papuans have no need for electric and no concept of romantic love. Cool, eh?

This is a post that could be huge or succinct. I prefer succinct. Sometimes things that don’t belong together in any rational way belong together just because they do. So I’ve assembled some things that belong or don’t with one another. My hope is that they will serve as compound fractures of the bone most people use for a mind.

You see. There is no link.

All any of us get is a moment.

It can be the same moment over and over and over or an instant that lasts forever. Or both.

Maybe why the concept of divinity is embedded in all of us, to be accepted or fought tooth and nail, byte by byte.

Because everything dies or goes away in the end, all brief as flies but the stone stuff…

…and in all the millennia no one has ever been free. Just ask us.

Unless someone or something has been surreptitiously raising the bar of what it means to be human. Or maybe it always was, is, and shall be mere self adornment. Whatever that consists of.

NOTE. Perurambo, Air Disasters, Afternoon of a Faun, and Men at Lunch are available in full at Netflix. In a later post I’ll tell you what all I learned is NOT available at Netflix. It’s an eye opener.


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