Israelis are stupid

You all love this damn dumb “beautiful game.” Use it. Flop & fake like pros.

What a bunch of idiots. Israel takes stubborn pride in protecting its citizens while the world press creams its jeans lamenting the death of Palestinian children chained to legitimate military targets. As Israel wins the military fight, the press gushes over the depraved dissimulations of terrorists.

The answer is easy. Too easy for Israeli intellectuals, apparently. Inflate your own casualties. Hell. Even Israel likes the farce called futbol. Learn from your own damn phony sport. Fake it. Get your citizens to flop. Film and publish casualties that beggar the Palestinian propaganda. Oh! Look! Another Jewish mother has fallen! Use lots of ketchup. Cherry bombs are great sound effects. Use clips from Michael Bay movies. The alphabet networks will never see through it any more than they see through the flagrant lies of Hamas. Face it. They’re dumb as fenceposts. Please, please don’t be dumber than they are. That would be a crime worse than the existence of MSNBC.

What is this insistence on truth? It has no place in the modern news cycle.

Or even the old news cycle, which is why there’s this.

Where do you come down? Me? I’m all in favor of cheating. It’s worked before.

All’s fair in love and war. Somebody said it. I’m just repeating it.


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