OK, Eric. It IS all about racism. Because you say so. I BELIEVE you.

It’s obvious. So obvious that it’s taken a supreme act of will on almost everybody’s part to deny it. The only problem is, the racism in play isn’t white racism against blacks. It’s black racism against blacks.

A couple uncomfortable facts. White people don’t think about race all the time or even a lot of the time. People tended to believe Barack Obama’s line about ushering in a new post-racial age. Why they elected him president.

The people who think about race all the time are black people. And, sadly, what they think about race is deeply unhealthy. Not all, but many, have a profound inferiority complex. A feeling that people are pointing at them and laughing, or despising, or hating.

Which is a syndrome that distorts all communications, perspectives, and policies. Obama’s biracial status was supposed to free us from this particular hobgoblin. But people forgot that the most fanatical adherents to any faith are not those born into it but the converts.

Everything about this administration has been about race. Everyone who opposes any policy is indicted specifically or by implication as a racist. Eric Holder has run the Department of Justice as Reconstruction Part 2, an in your face dare-you-to-say-anything program of favoring everything black over everything not. Meanwhile, the president and his wife have done everything possible — almost to the point of parody — to fulfill every old-time white stereotype of black people. As if this isn’t a presidency at all but an eight year show of performance art.

Consider the evidence. The president is lazy, an inveterate liar, a man evidently more interested in basketball brackets than intelligence briefings, a coward, an anti-Semite, a go home early paranoid whiner. His wife is the ultimate nouveau riche freeloader, prancing through Paris on the taxpayer’s dime without the slightest hint of humility. Both of them bask in the borrowed glow of celebrity and exhibit absolutely no shame in doing so.

In fact, they are laughing. Because nobody has the nerve to call them on their outrageous behavior. Everything they do proclaims that they know they are the Affirmative Action administration, which means they have no real responsibilities other than to put their feet up on the desk in the Oval Office and jeer at their impotent opponents.

I urge you all to watch the video above. At its core it’s about the black racism against blacks I mentioned. It’s worth noting that with the sole exception of Obama’s trophy wife Michelle, the president’s black officials are light-skinned. Obama himself. Eric Holder. Valerie Jarrett. He’s friendly with Colin Powell. With dark girl Condoleeza Rice not at all. He can’t be bothered to discipline Harry Reid for calling the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision a travesty perpetrated by “five white men,” even though one of those white men is the very black Clarence Thomas.

No wonder the rumor mill has it that Michelle is fed up with him and wants a divorce. (I get to see National Enquirer headlines every time I go to the RiteAid.)

Is there a contradiction in here somewhere? Yes. Of course. Obama wants to use his blackness as an excuse for being a corrupt and inattentive president. Does he care about black people? Only insofar as he needs their continuing, unearned 84 percent approval rating, which prevents him from plummeting into the twenties, where he belongs. But in the cold light of day it’s evident he has nothing but contempt for the plight of black Americans. His policies have pushed their unemployment rate to historic highs, and he pursues an immigration policy that will leave another whole generation of African-Americans in the economic dustbin. He’s the worst president black people could ever have had.

It’s called having your cake and eating it too. He gets all the PC protections of being black. All the adulation and hysterical defensiveness. He has a one size fits all response to every criticism: you’re a racist. Minions like Holder actually believe it. And at the same time, he maintains a racist distance from the dark-skinned population he has manipulated as brutally and systematically as Bernie Madoff bilked his clients.

This is the biggest, longest running joke in the history of global politics. Try, try, try not to vomit when Obama turns his back on all the scandals and all the terrible human costs of the current border crisis he deliberately created and jets off to Martha’s Vineyard a month from now for a $12 million, 16-day vacation of the lily whitest variety.

N.B. Some of the “dark girls” specifically exempted white men from the charge of “colorism.” I think your own experience will bear that out. I am notoriously good at finding exactly what I want on the Internet, but the most galling failure — the one that sticks in my mind as prime example — is my search for a young black actress in a CSI episode about some high school murder. She was one of the most beautiful girls I have ever laid eyes on, and she was definitely the blackest. The contrast made her eyes utterly bewitching. They killed her off early on and I can’t find her. See, I’m mostly immune these days to Hollywood’s idea of pretty young things. But I like to have someone to root for. To give you some idea, she was much blacker than Grace Jones (always had a thing for her), and I have a feeling she may be a descendant of the Nuba tribe memorialized by the pariah Leni Riefenstahl.

Men without Bentleys respond to beauty, not skin tone.

Men without Bentleys respond to beauty, not skin tone.

OK. I’ll shut up now.

  1. Alfa’s avatar

    How true everything you say is. I just wonder what conversation it is that Eric Holder wants. Couldn’t he start it? Obama sure has no interest.


  2. Instapunk’s avatar

    Holder doesn’t want a conversation. He wants reparations. And revenge.



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