September in July

That nasty frigid weather vagina is after us again.

That nasty frigid weather vagina is after us again.

Pretty funny. Global something.

Autumnlike Chill to Expand From Midwest to South, East

By Alex Sosnowski

Weather across the North Central region is discussed in the above video.

A summertime version of the polar vortex will continue to set record low temperatures in the Plains and Midwest this week. Cool air will also reach into the South and Appalachians.
The air will feel refreshing to some people but downright chilly and autumnlike to others.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Steve Travis, “Many residents and visitors will be toting jackets and long sleeves.”

Rather than days of hazy sunshine and high humidity, typical of mid-July, many areas will experience a deep blue sky, at times, low humidity and a cool breeze.

Made me think of a new term based on all the old tired ones: Global Cool.

Don’t get it? Try it out.

Which reminded me, Al Gore can’t sing or wear a hat and look cool. And Sinatra would never drive a Prius. Youse can take dat to da bank, fella.


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