Simple Email Facts

There's always a recipient.

There’s always a recipient.

This won’t take long. Every email Lois Lerner sent was received by someone else. The files will still be on their systems or backups, regardless of how much criminal skulduggery occurred at the IRS.

The NSA has been collecting “metadata” all this time. They have the capability to determine who Lois Lerner was emailing. They don’t have to produce the actual text, even if they have it. They just have to produce the names and email addresses of her correspondents. Then subpoenas can be issued for all of her email correspondents.

Why has no one, on either side of the aisle, brought this up?

What kind of evil kabuki is being performed before our glazed eyes?

  1. Alfa’s avatar

    This is the most ludicrous thing I’ve heard this week. At my office we do weekly full system backups and daily incremental backups. What they are saying is both impossible and illegal.


  2. Tim’s avatar

    A buddy of mine wrote asking me this exact question right after I read this post. He knows something about gov’t IT systems. Since this is the gov’t we’re talking about, it is theoretically possible the IRS has not been doing incremental backups like they are supposed to, even if it’s required by law. However, of course there are copies of these emails out there somewhere. Not to mention there is no way everyone’s emails all disappeared AND their hard drives were lost. They are rubbing our noses in it and even libs should be outraged, but they aren’t. I suppose they don’t think the government’s pitiless gaze will ever be turned their way.


    1. Instapunk’s avatar

      I repeat. Somebody received the emails. It’s not about Lois Lerner’s hard drive.


    2. disguised as Helk’s avatar

      Someone did. Steve Stockman, a crazy Rep and failed US Senate candidate from TX. He runs his own political sideshow.

      A couple weeks ago he wrote the NSA asking for the metadata. I saw it on Drudge, but I never heard anything else about it.



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