Where are we?

The compleat argumentation of the progressive perspective.

The compleat argumentation of the progressive perspective.

I did the most accurate post about who the left is and what it wants you’ve ever read.

No comments. Do you wonder at my scorn and escalating uninterest in anything but private hells?

  1. Edna’s avatar

    so much meat takes time to digest!


  2. Barbara’s avatar

    I suspect that many of us who follow you have reached the final, acceptance stage of our country’s appointment in Samarra.

    Your essay was profoundly true, as is virtually everything you write here, and wonderfully expressed. I sent a link to a couple of friends and they applauded it too, but are shy about writing here (as I was for so long).

    I fought as I was able before 2012 — sent money I could not afford to Romney/Ryan (and other Republicans I admired), wrote letters to practically everyone I’ve ever so much as shaken hands with in my life, and lost most of my liberal friends (about the only kind of friends you can have in my home state) by bugging out my eyes and flinging spittle on them during social occasions. It wears you out. If I had understood how the internet works or had been the writer you are, I would have tried to do more. But I didn’t need to, because we had/have you. I don’t know what to say except thank you.

    When the doctor tells me I have six months to live I will do as I’m doing these days: check out my wine cellar for the bottles too precious to leave behind and consume them happily; take long walks on my favorite beach; turn up the music and dance the cha-cha in my living room, and go upstairs tonight and watch the movie “Rush,” which I just received from Netflix — ordered because a dear friend recommended it.

    Keats was a good read. Thank you for that, too.

    Yes, I would like a latte, John. Have them put a generous dollop of bourbon in it, will you?


  3. Instapunk’s avatar

    Ah. Enjoy the Rush. And thanks, as ever, for the kind words. Impatience is both a vice and a virtue. I need to modulate…



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