Women are wrong about everything but men

Journalism didn't used to be about looking up skirts and enjoying it. Now it's about looking up skirts and lying about what you saw.

Journalism used to be about looking up skirts and enjoying it.
Now it’s about looking up skirts and lying about what you saw.

Follow-on to the previous post.

Despite The Five’s Andrea Tantaros and Kimberly whatever her last name is these days, I know that Fox News thinks blondes should rule the world. Megyn Kelly is their boldest thrust in that direction, and to the extent that it sends Bill O’Reilly into retirement, I’m on board.

On. The. Other. Hand. Blondes should not rule the world. Why? Blonde is more often than not a state of mind. The carpet rarely matches the drapes. And the brain is rarely there.

I wouldn’t bring this up as a rule because I’m usually a tactful fellow. But it looks more and more as if Hillary is planning to be anointed president. You know. A vintage blonde is still a blonde, and we all want a blonde telling us what to do. Unless we don’t.

I don’t.

Women don’t belong in politics. Not because they’re dumb or treacherous or corrupt or generally awful, which they all are, like most men. They don’t belong in politics because it’s so much harder to see who they are.

Megyn Kelly seems like a natural heir to Bill O’Reilly’s throne. He’s a goof and a buffoon and a pretentious Long Island wannabe who got where he is by never taking no for an answer. A filter we can use when he mounts his digital throne and tells the rest of us what to think.

Megyn Kelly is a lot scarier. Makeup does not conceal shark eyes. She insists she has children. Then go be with the children. Don’t queen yourself over the rest of us with almost nothing to back it up. SUNY Albany Law School. Seriously?

O’Reilly’s on-set chair is designed to put him at a level with the people he bullies. He’s 6’5″. Megyn’s chair is an elevated crystal throne, designed to reinforce her dominion over everyone who might come under her scrutiny. O’Reilly we can trust ourselves to see through, a fatuous old jerk. Who knows anything about Megyn?

Me. Hate to break it to you, ladies. After 50 years of feminism, the results are in. Women are still second rate. They excel at having fantastic legs and sometimes glorious breasts, but intellectually they are also-rans.

The war on boys is nothing new. Feminists have been on that patrol for a good three decades. Men are increasingly not allowed into the best colleges, etc. Thing is, they’re still in charge of almost everything. Why is that? The horrific conspiratorial patriarchy? Or the simple way of things?

Women compete by being more sexually alluring. If you believe in Evolution, you hyper-rational babies who can’t figure out that life begins at conception when it so obviously does, you must also accept that women were not evolved for their brainpower. Tits. Legs. Childbearing hips. And, thankfully for all us men, lust.

But not brains. Those are always an anomaly. Men won’t tell you this, girls. They don’t listen to you. You think it’s their fault. They don’t listen to you because you have nothing to say. Never have had. Since the beginning of civilization.

There are very (very) few exceptions. Got one here. Good luck to the rest of you.

As for Fox, I congratulate them for letting Gretchen Carlson be a size 14. Isn’t that nice?

  1. Alfa’s avatar

    First of all, you can’t judge the Fox blondes as blondes. It all comes out of a bottle. Looking up the skirt is probably the only chance of determining their true hair color.

    As for their intellect, looks to be on a par with the Fox boys, oops, men. Peter Doucy anyone?


    1. Instapunk’s avatar

      You didn’t read the previous post? I gave Pretty Peter his due.


    2. Barbara’s avatar

      Hillary Clinton will never be president.


      1. Alfa’s avatar

        Let us hope.



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