Correcting the Record

She's too friendly with the other beltway libs. Other than I like her. She's good at demolishing immigration idiots.

She’s too friendly with the beltway libs who pretend to be journalists. Other than that I mostly like her. She’s good, no, excellent at demolishing immigration idiots.

Laura Ingraham made a claim on her radio show today that I found not credible. She’s famous for her love of pop music from the fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties. Her knowledge, according to informed sources (mostly her), is encyclopedic. She also loves country music, for which I credit her. But she went a step too far in my opinion this morning claiming that George Strait’s farewell concert the other night “smashed the attendance records set by the Rolling Stones.” She cited a figure of 105,000, which aroused my suspicions immediately. I attended the Stones concert in 1981 at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, which had a nominal football capacity of 100,000, and on that day the stands were filled and the entire football playing field was too. All of us paying customers. Nothing I could prove.

90,000? Really? I was all the way at the back. Jagger looked like an ant. Journey had the No. 1 album in the country. Nobody paid them any attention. The venue was too gigantic. The Stones ripped the joint apart.

So I looked up the attendance figures for the notorious Hyde Park concerts in London. Guess what I found.

AEG Live is the promoter of the Rolling Stones’ 2013 tour, which is named “50 and Counting” in honor of the band’s 50th anniversary. Mick Taylor, who was the Rolling Stones’ lead guitarist from 1969 to 1974, is a guest on all of the tour dates.

Mick Taylor’s first-ever live show with the Rolling Stones was a free concert at Hyde Park on July 5, 1969. The attendance at the show was an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 people. The show was filmed by Granada Television and released on home video under the title “Stones in the Park.”

I have nothing against George Strait. I just find it necessary to contend with Laura Ingraham’s occasional looseness with facts.

On a lesser matter, Rush Limbaugh returned from vacation yesterday boasting that he would make sense of a week’s worth of events nobody but he could suss out. He proceeded to do a three hour monologue recapitulating points I had already made here about the difference between incompetence and deeply malevolent intent.

He also was clamorously seeking credit for the dire prophecy embedded in his “I hope he fails” broadcast the day after the 2009 inauguration. Which I had also preceded him on here.

I’m not accusing him of stealing ideas. Pretty sure he’s never heard of me. But maybe he shouldn’t be quite so sure that he’s the only one of us flyover Americans who can figure out the dark truths of the left.

Especially now that his facade of constant jovial optimism is starting to crack like a badly boiled egg. He’s as lugubrious as I am, but on handling that turn of mind without losing the faith I have him beat by a mile.

All the king's horses, all the king's men...

All the king’s horses, all the king’s men…

These are just trivialities. If you want the serious, look a couple posts further down. Instapunk has finally pulled the long scriver back out of its scabbard, and it’s time to resume the old ‘debates’ of the Metalkort.


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