All women < 30 should dress like this

It was a fashion event. Like Rihanna, when it comes to fashion, I'm a minimalist.

It was a fashion event. Like Rihanna, when it comes to fashion, I’m a minimalist.

Don’t take me too seriously. Actually, I think all women should dress like this, regardless of age. Except the ones at the mall.

Consider this a test. If you can see the post, we’re officially back in business at Instapunk Rules. Not that this is a trivial rule. What was the term on Star Trek? Ah yes. The Prime Directive.

P.S. Best way to get in the mood for Instapunk Rules. Read all the posts. Only about 10 of them, including this one. I think you can handle that. If you can’t, I bet you can find yourself on Twitter.

  1. Lake’s avatar

    I can see the post, you’re back in business. I can see quite a lot in the post…


    1. Instapunk’s avatar

      Did I hear harrumphing and throat clearing? Here’s the thing. Women have these wonderful gifts from God called breasts. We all want to see them, and they all want to show them off. It’s said that Australia is stuck in 1950s America, but Australian TV can show breasts out in the open, not in flashes but for minutes at a time.

      If we’re going to lose all our freedoms, all our money, our future, our children’s future, and our entire cultural heritage thanks to the New Totalitarianism called multiculturalism, then at least let us look all we want to at the breasts of women who want to show them to us. Is that really so hard?


    2. Alfa’s avatar

      Shouldn’t she be arrested for exposure in public?


      1. Instapunk’s avatar



        1. Alfa’s avatar

          A man would be so, ipso facto, you’re wrong.


          1. Instapunk’s avatar

            No. Again. A man would be arrested for showing his genitalia. Rihanna is wearing a thong thing. No genitalia. No cause for arrest. Ipso rihannacto, you’re wrong, babe.

            Can’t remember the name of the Brit wit who said it, just the quote itself. “Life is more fun than the people who don’t want you to live it.”

            Jump in, anybody. I’m not in as over my head as it looks, but the more people in the pool the better.


            1. Peregrine John’s avatar

              A man would be shunned, not arrested. Men are icky, dontcha know. No shorts (capris only), no bare shoulders, no sandals. Keep all that man stuff hidden. Ew. It’s enough to make a satirist raise an eyebrow and ponder having some fun with it.

              Not that it much bothers me, in truth: I wear what I want (deserts demand sandals, for one thing) and cheerfully encourage beauties to not wear whatever they want. Pippin loves boobies, and that’s the truth. Even more than laughing at feminist moral dilemmas, of which Rihanna is a fair bouquet.

              I tried to find the source of that quote, and have not yet succeeded. Brilliant, though.

              Just to be clear: “All women <30 should dress like that" is the prime directive?

            2. Instapunk’s avatar

              Reiterated in the newest post. Yes.


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