The Difference between a Trench Knife and La Main Gauche

Literally, the dagger in the left hand.

Literally, the dagger in the left hand.

An old friend responded to the pic of the trench knife by saying it reminded him of his la main gauche.

Interesting in a couple of respects. Yes, there’s a resemblance. A brutal proof that death has stalked men for hundreds of years. But there’s also a big difference between the French dagger and the trench knife. The former is a weapon of treachery, the latter a final measure of self defense.

When the trench is overrun, the knife is just a chance at living for one more minute.

It’s clear we’ll have to talk a lot more about World War I, the trenches, and the hell of life on the western front.

Which we can accomplish here.

Among other things.

  1. Alfa’s avatar

    The world continues its great discrimination against left ganders. I want reparations. Love the main gauche.



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